What we do

With world-class, industry know-how and
expertise, we partner with you to deliver
unrivalled results

We do what it takes to make brands thrive with our comprehensive sales and merchandising offerings.

Our tailored solutions translate your business strategy into unique sales executions.

Our Service Offerings

We have the courage to adapt to complexity when others stick to 'the standard formula'.

We know the textbook formulas, but we also know that they become dated. What works on the floor and across your channels needs to be tailored to your brand. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. Meridian is your business and brand partner.

  • Real-time management responsiveness.
  • Dynamic strategy, tailored to fit your brand.
  • Decades of expertise and experience.
  • Invested mentorship and guidance.

We provide end-to-end retail execution solutions, at every level of retail opportunity.

Our sales and merchandising offering is comprehensive, providing more than just retail solutions, shelf health maintenance, and planning. Our in-store marketing, through promotions and displays, maximize sales opportunities at the shelf level. We are on the frontline, making sure that your brand reaches your customer. 

  • Comprehensive sales and merchandising offering.
  • Retail solutions at every level.
  • Relentless, operational excellence.

Brave agility and devotion to excellence means we scale with you, and all the moving parts.

Our expertise is the result of the decades of experience we hold, managing large brands and systems with many moving parts. We invest time into understanding your needs, offering you enduring strategies and tried and tested management plans; supported by innovative technology and our people.

  • Specialized management offering.
  • Seamless partnering.
  • Operational excellence.

Building a business is complex. Let us simplify your operations and maximise the present.

Brands and businesses have evolving signature needs. We remove the complexities out of sales and merchandising, maximizing both your time and brand performance. Our team scales with you and delivers what you need most. From product launches to full-scale sales teams, we are ready to move.


Our business information system is integrated at every level. We leverage its power for exceeding expectations.

Operating in ten countries around the world, our Business Information System is powered by our robust, global technology platform, allowing for full compliance and credibility as we deliver tailored reporting solutions to our clients.

Business growth takes strategic focus.

Our dynamic sales representatives are adept at strategic excellence, shaping the sales culture we are known for. We are hands-on, fully committed, delivering your brand where it counts most: to your customer. We make the daunting task of outsourcing simple, helping you maximize effectiveness for future growth.

  • Exceptional salespeople.
  • Seamless strategy and team integration.
  • Sales generation.
  • Training and Team management.

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