Meridian Group National Community Day

Meridian Group National Community Day

The Meridian Group out in full force! 20 Jun 2023

On 9th June 2023 Meridian Group teams including our newest addition to the family fold, Bordax set out to assist eleven different charities, each with their own special and unique needs. Our Brave Meridian people came together as one, sourcing supplies from our partner brands, donating goods and offering the biggest gift that someone can give. Their time. As a group we witnessed people devote the day to assist those in need, and where overwhelmed by their generosity.

Nationally our partner brands assisted us wherever they could. aQuellé with over a thousand bottles of water, Dulux with over R15 000 worth of paint supplies, Proctor and Gamble with 360 packs of sanitary pads, over 200 packs of biscuits from Bisco Plus, various other supplies from Twizza, Nestle, Duracell, Alpen Foods, Promasidor and Himalaya

Join me as we take a tour through the various initiatives around the country

Bhambayi (Kwa-Zulu Natal) Bhambayi is a home for abused and abandoned children, with training facilities and a creche on site. The school provides free meals to the children as well as support and various educational activities. This year our teams set out to assist The Bhambayi Project with painting, cleaning and donating goods. Teams gathered resources and set off in a convoy to the home starting with cleaning the premises, painting inside and outside, sanding down the jungle gym, washing windows and giving the premises an overall refresh. We used paint from Dulux, donated over 400 bottles of water and over 150 packs of biscuits.

Northern Lights School (Eastern Cape) Northern Lights School is dedicated to the care and education of disabled children in the Eastern Cape. Our Meridian team spent time with the children and teachers understanding their needs and seeing the great work they are doing in providing physiotherapy and facilitating mobility for amputee’s. Work benches and school desks were donated by our teams and we look forward to how this benefits the school going forward.

Battswood Primary School (Western Cape) Our Western Cape Division embarked on a sanitary towel drive for Battswood Primary School where there are over 600 learners, from Grade 4-7.  One of our District Managers, Felicity Williams shared her insights and advice to the  young ladies regarding their Menstrual Cycle as well as their Period Emergency Kit (which we supplied). A special guest appearance was made by the Duracell Bunny which really got the girls excited, followed by quizzes and prizes sponsored by Duracell. Lastly we gave the young ladies at the school, two packets of Always Sanitary Towels and bottles of aQuellé Water. The rest of the sanitary towels will be kept at the school as back up for the young ladies. Once again, Thank you very much to Proctor and Gamble for enriching lives and aQuellé for bringing joy and to Nestle for  mugs given to all the teachers.

Guardian of Hope Children’s Home (East London) Our Meridian team visited Guardian of hope children’s home, spending time with babies and playing games..  Various supplies were provided including aQuellé water,  Drink o Pop juice bottles, chicken and beef stock from Promasidor. R5000 worth of baby nappies and formula were also donated, fulfilling an important need at the home.

Little Eden and Nasiban’s Cancer and Disability Foundation (Gauteng) Meridian and Bordax teams visited Little Eden and Nasiban’s cancer and Disability Foundation. Little Eden is a home for intellectually disabled adults and children. Both teams were welcomed with teas and coffees. Nadine Mason, who is the development officer at Little Eden, gave our teams a tour of the premises and the facilities they offer to adults and children, current construction and upgrades at the home, the cooking team, living quarters, laundry section and how they assist people with their needs. Our teams set out sand down the railings & pillars at the home ready for painting that the team will finish off in the near future. Boxes of assorted Hamilton’s paint brushes were donated as well as bed sheet covers. Nasiban’s cancer and disability foundation is a charity that tends to the needs of the community from Lenasia. Our teams assisted  with food hampers, adult diapers and powders. A HUGE congratulations to both teams in getting a large quantity of goods from staff and our partner brands.

Betties Haven Orphanage (Nelspruit) and Hope for Children Orphanage (Limpopo) Our Meridian teams visited Bettie’s haven orphanage based in Mbombela,  as well as the Hope for Children Orphanage in Limpopo. Once teams had been introduced to caregivers and children. Gifts and donations of food, water, sanitizer, cleaning goods, toiletries and baby items were handed out. Teams described the gratitude as overwhelming and humbling!

Bloemfontein Kinderhuis, Angel Arms and Huiderdaal Kinderhuis (Bloemfontein) Last but not least we celebrate our teams visiting three charities in Bloemfontein handing out food and donating R5000 for the Bloemfontein Kinderhuis to purchase compost and fertilizer for a vegetable garden they will be putting together as part of sustainable solutions for the community.

Generosity is the bedrock of growth. In hard times our fists should not close but remain open. Studies by Martin Seligman known as the father of positive psychology show that the happiness index for employees is higher when they do something for someone else in comparison to receiving rewards for achievements. This is the power of giving. It is as good for the giver as the receiver but irrespective, generosity means others and communities grow. This can only mean that ultimately we all grow.

Thank you to the Meridian and Bordax People for their kindness and relentless energy in making this success nationally and to our partner brands who put something in our hands to give. Together we will make people and communities thrive!